Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I spent last week shooting some winching, around the local hood. Winching is a relatively new way to ride down rivers and spillways, using a gas powered engine to pull. It can be risky at times, because the winch driver is almost just as resposible as the rider, to ensure speed and safety. Nick Ennen and Kyle Walton teamed up, and we got some really good shots that will most likely get publised!

Luca peers over the edge, as Nick gets ready to hit the falls.

Kyle Walton came up from Alabama to wakeskate down some waterfalls.

The cops decided to show up, and were thouroughly confused as to what we were doing.

Kyle prepping for a rock gap into some questionably disgusting water...

This is a good perspective of what the Whatcom Falls gap is like. It's a good 25 feet, and you either have to land between two rocks, or clear them.