Friday, February 20, 2009

Japan Style

So, just got back from Japan, and will be posting some g10 shots soon enough. I came across these two dudes at the top of a mountain. They were photographers fo sho, check the dude with the skimpy vest on and the cf card in his mesh pocket. Good style!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tootin' my own horn....but fucking dudes...ask fucking these guys!

Heyo, just wanted to drop this little gem I got this last December. Somehow I landed the cover of the Wakeboarding Magazine Photo annual. I don't really shoot wake, but this is definitely some motivation to shoot more of it. I took this photo literally a five minute walk from my house, over at Nooksack Falls. Thanks to Nick Ennen for inviting me to shoot this, and look for some more wake shots this summer!

On The Road...Son!

So, I've been travelling a bunch this year, driving all over the place. I decided to post a couple of my favorites from the travel this year, in between shooting the action. wicked, brew!

                                   The Road to Baker
                                    Somewhere in Idaho?
                                   Cougar Power
                                   Top of the world
                                   I took this picture on my way to Snowboard Hell.......

Genovese/Yoshida Collaboration

Many of you may be familiar with the collaborations done between myself and Sean Genovese. Over the last couple of years, we have been teaming up to create a different sort of action/art medium. 2 years ago, Sean came to me with the idea of printing some black and white shots onto watercolor paper, and then having him paint them in. Knowing Geno's skill and knack for just being artsy in general, I agreed to have him make a couple pieces. They turned out killer, and even was a feature in Snowboard Mag. The next year, we teamed up again, only this time our collab was much more complicated. What we set out to do, was print photos onto several different layers, and then have a sort of 3d picture, and then photograph all the layers together.'s hard to explain, but what did come of the collab was my second cover of Snowboard Magazine, and a full article in america and Europe! The only bummer is that a lot of the shots did not get here are the outakes! enjoy!

   Andre Spinelli, Alaskan jibawnk
   High Country Motel in a secret Montucky Zone
            Sooooo Legit, Chris Larsen aka Alaskan bad boy
   Nick Dirks........this guy is somewhat of a kink master
This photo never got run, but I thought it was amazing.  It was a longer exposure, where we painted in the photo with a headlamp and a couple flashes
   The shot that was chosen for the photo annual cover!
   Shaun Mckay, early season at Baker
  Genovese hard at work