Monday, September 28, 2009

as of now

Here's some images from the last leg of my trip to Chile, and also some random shots from my adventure to Portland and Seattle. All these are G10 shots, and it's fun to have a little point and shoot that works soo good. There are so many moments that are missed unless I have this little guy in my pocket.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


T Darrel's brother is my favorite.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chile/ Argentina recap

For most of the month of August, I spent my time down in Argentina and Chile. I was on assignment, to shoot the entire K2 Snowboarding catalog, and I have to say it turned out great. Here are some shots of travel, and in between constant photo shoots and setting up. Big thanks to Greg at one cool world, Winkel, Joel, and Cory.......I could not have made all these shots happen without you guys! You are the best! Be on the look out for the K2 catalog dropping next fall, and be sure to check the story coming out in Frequency this next year.

Argentina is known for their meats....

A lonely chair ride at Cerro Catedral

The airport in Bariloche

Eero and Shaun.....2 of my most favorite people to kick it with. Good times!

The Sass tour bus, heading to the hill

It finally started to snow, when the riders arrived....

Climbing out of snowboard hell here. We got stuck in a bamboo forest with less than 8" of snow!

Winks is often a stunt double when taking practice shots

Argentina is full of spires

"What's that milky stuff in the sky?" - Leanne Pelosi

Blurred Winks

Leanne, snacking

Digestive tea, somebody, PLEASE!

Santiago time

Note to self......don't forget the neck pillow next time!

Santiago, Chile

White rock?!?!

Our last spot on the tour was Farrelones.......I can't wait to get back here!