Friday, March 27, 2009

Whistler is a go!

So, I've been camped out at the ol' 8 mile facility, hosted by the gracious Mikey Rencz, and Eero Niemala aka Erik Nelson. These guys know Whistler like the back of their hands, and the crew is on fire! PMAC came up to join for a day, and that was always enjoyable to kick it with an old friend in some new terrain. Sledding was a bit gnarly until we broke trail, and then it was on! I forget how much you can get done on a sled in one day. With 3 days of sun, we were busy hitting 3-4 jumps per day, and it's still snowing, so I'll get a chance to shoot some more stuff in the next couple of days. Our last day out, we ran into Devun Walsh, and the DC crew, and also Terje Haakonsen in the parking lot at the Whistler zone! NBD!

Bear Hugs!! you might remember these from the Anchorage International Airport

HP sauce........Mikey P would have loved this stuff

Mikey Rencz at breaky on a down day

If you look real close, that whole valley was an avalanche that started to go up the other side! You gots to be on point in these crazy avy conditions.

Eero, setting up the first drop away of the day. Gaetan Chanut was out with us for a couple of days.....I have to say that he is one of the most productive, motivated snowboarders I have ever worked with

Pmac..........check the dude in the blue, and the other guy next to him....NBD, just Terje Haakonsen and Devun Walsh. You know you've made it to the good zone in Whis, when you see these guys in the parking lot.

Little sneak peak of a jump we built. Be sure to go out and grab the Transworld movie this year.....gonna be a very very good one. check out for further updates.

Check out for more footage of these gays. Eero has a new edit of some unseen footy from last year.

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